Ray Carter MA MCIPS MCMI Cert Ed – Author of “Practical Procurement” “Practical Contract Management” and “Stores and Distribution Management” and creator of the 10 (c) model

Ray is the Director of DPSS Consultants (Developing People Serving the Supply Chain), www.dpss.co.uk - which is an international training and development consultancy made up of 20 specialist consultants. He began his management career in the public sector and thereafter for a large food manufacturer in the UK. He graduated from University with a Master’s Degree in Management Studies. His first book relating to supply chain management entitled Stores Management was then followed by Integrated Materials Management, was published in 1982 and has become a recommended text for a number of courses, including the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply. This was followed by Stores and Physical Distribution, published by Liverpool Academic Press. His book Practical Procurement with Steve Kirby published by Cambridge Academic Publishing in 2006, and was followed by Practical Contract Management. Ray has had numerous articles and papers published in journals such as Supply Management and the Centre for Advanced Procurement's Praxis publication. Ray’s now famous ‘10c’s’ of supplier evaluation model, first published in 1995, has now become an accepted model for the evaluation of supplies and contractors and has been adopted by many organisations. It is also part of the CIPS level 4 syllabuses.

Until 1991 Ray was Principal Lecturer in Supply Chain Management at the Business School, University of North London. In recent years, he has undertaken training and consultancy assignments for organisations such as Shell, Chevron, ADCO, ZADCO, NDC, Royal Bank of Scotland, Coca Cola, Lucas Engineering and Systems, the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply, BRC, Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij.B.V, UK Intervention Board, Ericsson, British Aerospace, Marconi, BBC, Magnox, Ordnance Survey, Chevron, Caspian Pipeline Consortium, Tengzichevroil Company, Medway Council. Ray has worked in many locations, including the Far East, the Middle East, South America, Europe and Africa. The majority of these events have been related to strategic issues in relation to supply chain management, procurement and contracting.